Iconic Case Pre-Order in Custom Color PLA

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Iconic Case Pre-Order in Custom Color PLA
Iconic Case Pre-Order in Custom Color PLA

Choose Your 60% or Smaller PCB Compatibility Option:

GH60 (and compatible PCB layouts)
XD75 (ortholinear PCB)
1Up Keyboards Hotswap ANSI PCB
Planck - Rev 6
Preonic - Rev 6

Case Descriptions (weight and size) are based on the GH60 60% designs, other PCB layouts will have slightly smaller or larger cases.

Select a PLA Color:

Apple Green (Solutech)
Aqua Blue (Solutech)
Autobot Blue (Paramount)
Battleship Gray (Paramount)
Beige (Solutech)
Black (See Matte Black below)
Black Cherry (Paramount)
Blue (Solutech)
British Racing Green (Paramount)
Brown (Solutech)
Cadet Blue (Paramount)
Camo Green (Solutech)
Caribbean Coral (Paramount)
Castle Limestone Gray (Paramount)
Clear (Atomic Brand)
Deception Purple (Paramount)
Denim Blue (Solutech)
Egg Yolk Yellow (Paramount)
Enzo Red (Paramount)
Fighter Jet Blue (Paramount)
Game Cartridge Gray (Paramount)
Glow in the Dark (Solutech)
Gold (Solutech)
Gold Krugerrand (Paramount)
Graphite Gray (Paramount)
Green (Solutech)
Harajuku Pink (Paramount)
Hot Pink (Solutech)
Iron Red (Paramount)
Ivory (Paramount)
Lavender Purple (Solutech)
Leviathan Blue Green (Paramount)
Matte Black (Paramount)
Merlot Red (Solutech)
Military Green (Paramount)
Military Khaki (Paramount)
Mint (Solutech)
Navy Blue (Solutech)
Orange (Solutech)
Pastel Blue (Solutech)
Pink (Solutech)
Primordial Earth (Paramount)
Prototype Gray (Paramount)
Purple (Solutech)
Red (Solutech)
See Through Aqua (Solutech)
See Through Blue (Solutech)
See Through Green (Solutech)
See Through Orange (Solutech)
See Through Purple (Solutech)
See Through Red (Solutech)
See Through Yellow (Solutech)
Silver (Solutech)
Silver Dollar (Paramount)
Simpson Yellow (Paramount)
Skin - Dark (Paramount)
Skin - Fair (Paramount)
Skin - Universal Beige (Paramount)
Skin (Solutech)
St Andrews Green (Paramount)
Stealth Gray (Paramount)
Steel Gray (Paramount)
Teal Blue (Solutech)
Terra Cotta (Paramount)
Volcano Orange (Paramount)
White (Solutech)
Yellow (Solutech)

Pre-Order an Iconic Case in a Custom PLA Color

Pre-orders will have an estimated ship time of two to three weeks.


  • Weight - Approximately 360 grams
  • Size - 333mm wide, 136mm deep
  • Height - 23mm (High Profile)
  • Infill - Square (grid) - visible in see through colors
  • Feet - Polyurethane, Slim (x4)
  • Angled Feet - Polyurethane, 10mm tall (x2)
  • Threaded Heat Inserts - Brass, Installed (x5)
  • M2 Screws - Steel, 4mm (x5)

The newest case designs have trimmable PCB supports and the middle standoff is now only for support, so it can be trimmed away easily to use with PCBs like the 1upkeyboard's hotswap edition.

The Iconic case has a small seam on the left side bezel. This is so the printer can retract inside the case and the outside of the case prints cleaner. Typically I place the seam next to the USB port, but the bezel design on this case makes it a bit cleaner to place it on the left side bezel near the back corner.

Please select one of the two PLA brands offered, you can read more about the colors offered at each brand's website: