Pre-Order Nouvelle Limited Edition

Regular price $100.00
Pre-Order Nouvelle Limited Edition
Pre-Order Nouvelle Limited Edition
Pre-Order Nouvelle Limited Edition
Pre-Order Nouvelle Limited Edition
Pre-Order Nouvelle Limited Edition
Pre-Order Nouvelle Limited Edition
Pre-Order Nouvelle Limited Edition
Pre-Order Nouvelle Limited Edition
Pre-Order Nouvelle Limited Edition
Pre-Order Nouvelle Limited Edition

5 degrees (default)
-3 degrees
-2 degrees
-1 degrees
0 degrees
1 degrees
2 degrees
3 degrees
4 degrees
6 degrees
7 degrees
8 degrees
9 degrees
10 degrees
11 degrees
12 degrees

High Polygon Back Bezel (more rounded)
Low Polygon Back Bezel (angular)

Inside Case Vents for Maximum RGB Underglow
Solid Lower for Regular PCBs

Yes - keep side vents
No - Have ventless sides

Maple Plywood Plate (6.35mm)
Walnut Plywood Plate (6.35mm)
Cherry Plywood Plate (6.35mm)
Clear Acrylic Plate (6.35mm)
No Plate Needed - Send Some 3D Printed Keycap Prototypes Instead

Default 60% Layout - (Save Money on Keycaps, Go Vanilla Layout 😂)
ISO 60% Layout for ISO PCBs that fit the GH60 Compatible Nouvelle
1Up Hotswap RGB ANSI Layout
Cannonkeys Instant60 Layout

GH60 Compatible
1Up Hotswap RGB ANSI PCB Compatible
CannonKeys Instant60 ANSI

Other (Solutech Brand Color) or Undecided
Autobot Blue (Paramount) Pantone 2118C
Battleship Gray (Paramount) Pantone 431C
Black Cherry (Paramount) Pantone 490C
British Racing Green (Paramount) Pantone 3435C
Cadet Blue (Paramount) Pantone 5405C
Caribbean Coral (Paramount) Pantone 7416C
Castle Limestone Gray (Paramount) Pantone 416C
Deception Purple (Paramount) Pantone 449C
Egg Yolk Yellow (Paramount) Pantone 137C
Enzo Red (Paramount) Pantone 485C
Fighter Jet Blue (Paramount) Pantone 7546C
Game Cartridge Gray (Paramount) Pantone 423C
Graphite Gray (Paramount) Pantone 425C
Hannibal Red (Paramount) Pantone 181C
Harajuku Pink (Paramount) Pantone 675C
Iron Red (Paramount) Pantone 1815C
Ivory (Paramount) Pantone 7501C
Leviathan Blue (Paramount) Pantone 316C
Matte Black (Paramount)
Mid Century Teal (Paramount) Pantone 7718C
Military Green (Paramount) Pantone 7764C
Military Khaki (Paramount) Pantone 7530C
Primordial Earth (Paramount) Pantone ?
Prototype Gray (Paramount) Pantone 421C
Simpson Yellow (Paramount) Pantone 129C
Skin - Dark (Paramount) Pantone 729C
Skin - Fair (Paramount) Pantone 468C
Skin - Universal Beige (Paramount) Pantone 7502C
St Andrews Green (Paramount) Pantone 7742C
Stealth Gray (Paramount) Pantone 419C
Steel Gray (Paramount) Pantone 430C
Terra Cotta (Paramount) Pantone 7591C
Tuxedo Midnight Blue (Paramount) Pantone 296C
Volcano Orange (Paramount) Pantone 7626C

Nouvelle will be Keyboardbelle's first limited edition print run.

Each Nouvelle will be numbered out of 100.

Purchasing this will reserve your print.

Customer E-mail Confirmation Prior to Printing

I will send a final e-mail confirmation to customers before each custom print is started to confirm options and also a short "engraving" may be requested by e-mail to appear on the case inside. If you choose "other" color option, you may send an e-mail with your Solutech color choice and I can confirm if it is available (some colors go on backorder at times)

The plates will be "out of spec" 6.35mm thick plates and I'm creating a Costar stabilizer wire holder for Costar stabilizer use. I will include the Costar stabilizers, they do not need to be purchased separately.

If you already have a plate plan, some fun SLA 3D printed keycap artisan prototypes can be sent to you instead of a plate and Costar stabilizers.

Deposits Only

You may use the discount code 'nouvelle' if you wish to deposit $30 instead of paying the full amount now.

The new deposit amount of $30 is non-refundable and covers the plastic and materials purchase when you choose your color and plate option.

If budget circumstances change, I can credit you $30 in store credit towards a cheaper case if you end up not being able to complete the Nouvelle purchase.

Nouvelle deposit customers will be sent an invoice prior to printing for the remaining amount.

Nouvelle Specifications

  • 3D Printed 60% Keyboard Case
  • Higher Print Resolution (0.1mm on the top bezel)
  • Cork Feet
  • Brass Heat Inserts Installed
  • 3mm under PCB height
  • Rear Vents
  • Optional Side Vents
  • Optional Inside Case Vents for Maximum Underglow
  • PLA plastic (derived from plant starches)
  • Approximately 1kg total weight (with underside wedge installed)
  • Removable Wedge (alter or swap the Wedge later if you choose)

Community Review and Samples

Samples have been shipped to a few community members for testing and feedback and will continue to ship through July 17th. I have reserved print numbers 91 to 100 for samples.

Quality Review and Testing

I own a Cannonkeys Instant60, 1Up Hotswap RGB ANSI, and a GH60. I plan to test each of these to ensure the plates and Nouvelle fit properly before shipping.

These should fit most GH60 Compatible PCBs, please e-mail me if you find PCBs that do not fit as I keep records of what my cases will work with.

Later Nouvelle Prints (Numbered 51 to 91) Group Buy

Second half of Nouvelle will run later after the first 50 prints are delivered and customers are happy. Ship date is September 1st.


Follow Keyboardbelle_prints on Instagram for daily keyboard pictures and to see what sort of looks the custom Nouvelle cases will have as they are prepared for shipping.

Usually if you see your specific case order on Instagram, it means it will be shipping within the next three days.

Early Pre-Orders

Early pre-orders, I have sent e-mails out for your Nouvelle custom selection choices. Check your spam and junk mail filters for July 13th e-mails from


Thanks, ✌️❤️⌨️