The Nouvelle case prints will be done shipping this week, apologies for the delay. The prints came out well and a few were reprinted for better quality.

Keyboardbelle Wedge

The Keyboardbelle Wedge that angles the Nouvelle was redesigned a few times. The final design has a foam layer completely separating it from the rest of the case.

Costar Adapter for Thick Plates

A sample of the Costar 3D printed thick plate adapter is included with every order in a small switch tester made of 6mm clear acrylic. The adapter makes it possible to use Costar stabilizers on plates that are 5mm to 6mm in thickness instead of the stock 1.5mm plates, so the plates fill all of the room between switches and PCB.

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Check Mid-October for New Cases

1984 and a few other cases will be available again in mid-October, so check back soon!

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